21002 Sample pack // CUmulus // 99 files


Cinematic textures and soundscapes to make you travel.

Metallic, electric and organic sounds, transformed with precision into textures, pads, evolving drones, soundscapes… Cymbals or bells that lengthen over time; sci-fi sounds that become dark pads; industrial and mechanical noises that come alive and seem to breathe.

Suitable for many styles of modern music, this pack will help you create tension or any kind of atmospheric layer to transport your listeners wherever you want them to go.

Valid untill May 16st. Regular price: 29€.

drones, textures, build up tension, soundscapes, time stretching, evolving pads, filmscore ambience

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Create ear candy to fill your pads or drums, to add interest and richness. Add variety and evolution to repetitive parts of your song.

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