20002 Plugin // Dirty Toy Piano

Toy Piano

Add that melancholic or childish touch to your tracks.

cover toy piano

We could not miss the opportunity to sample this little wonder. It is a glockenspiel type (differences aside) toy piano with 2 octaves but with only the white keys (the black ones are just painted on) so, no chromatic scales!

It is nearly 60 years old but all the keys still work, although some have a small resonance since some of the plates are a bit loose. And, thankfully, don’t expect a perfect tuning.

WIth your plugin’s purchase, there’s included a pack with some other toys sounds like rattles, jingle bells, different finger-cymbals…

Gui Toypiano

Control the
and pan

Change the pitch or
add some reverb

High and low
pass filters +
freq. cutoff

Gui Toypiano


Low and high pass filters with cutoff frequency.
You can change the pitch of the instrument.
Low CPU usage.
Included is a pack of samples of different “sound toys”: jingle bells, claves, rattles, zills, etc.
2 octaves (in piano roll, white keys from C3 to C5).
High quality samples: 44,1 kHz – 24bits.

VST – 32, 64 bits.
VST3 – 32, 64 bits.
AU – 64 bits.
Windows 7 and above – Mac OS Sierra and above.
Hosts: All major DAW’s that accept VST, VST3 and AU.

After downloading and unzipping:


Copy the .dll or VST3 file AND instruments folder to its corresponding VST folder. They usually are:
64-bit VST3: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
64-bit VST: C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins
32-bit VST3 in 64-bit PC: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VST3
32-bit VST: C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins

But confirm in your DAW’s documentation.


Copy to the corresponding folder:
VST: Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/
VST3: Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/
AU: Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/

We have tried to keep its original spirit to the fullest, with its peculiarities and “flaws”. So, you should keep in mind that there are no black keys, that it is slightly out of tune and that some notes have more resonance than others (they have their own tonal character).

Play with the included High or Low Pass filters to give it an old recording sound.

Add it as a layer for your synth (at low volume) to change tits character.

Apply low or high filters and use it for fills to give more body or shine if your track sounds dull.

And remember that Dirty Toy Piano doesn’t use much CPU, so you can use more than 1 instance in your mix (maybe each one with different effects?) without any problems.

Format: VST, VST3, AU
Platforms: Mac, PC
Download size: 74 mb
Number of samples: 45
Quality of samples: 44,1 kHz – 24 bits

How does it sound?

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