Free Plugin Noisss

A simple white noise VST plugin to add some texture to your tracks, or to create your own snares or cymbals, or layer with other snares, claps or kicks; you will notice the difference (to better). It too can be used to create all kind of sweeps, from the widely used “windy rises” to whooshes, drops or other fx.

It may seem quite simple but, believe us, it’s an essential tool with a lot of uses.



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Hear some basic examples of rises you can create with the help of Noisss + some basic effects. In the comments you can read what effects have been used.


How to make a white noise riser

Here you’ll learn how to create a really basic riser with Noisss + Ableton stock plugins. Be creative!



  • Very low CPU usage.
  • Play any key (remember: white noise has no defined pitch).
  • High quality sample: 44,1 kHz – 24bits.
  • Basic room reverb.
  • Free!


Windows 7 and above – Mac OS Sierra and above.

Hosts: All major DAW’s that accept VST.

After downloading and unzipping:

Windows: Copy the .dll file to its corresponding VST plugin folder. In Windows, the default system folder for VST plugins usually are:

  • 64-bit VST2: C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins

But confirm in your DAW’s documentation.

Mac: Copy the VST to the corresponding folder:

  • VST: Macintosh HD:/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/

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