21004 Sample pack // SHOck // 92 files


Your tracks charged with electric sparks and robotic sounds.

Let the electricity sing. Faulty circuits releasing talking sparks. Noisy electrons vibrating in overloaded high voltage wires. Glitchy robots and malfunctioning retro-futuristic machines in metallic rooms. Tesla coils, batteries and resistors chatting. Vibrations, sounds, noises that could be heard in a power plant at full power.

Be careful: when you add this samples to your music, you give your listeners a sonic high-voltage electro-shock. You’re warned!

Valid untill May 16st. Regular price: 29€.

high voltage sound effect, electric spark sound effect, machines vibrating, electric drones, robots screaming, bouncing springs…

it's good for

Design textures, drones, pads, cinematic soundscapes…. Create spot effects. Add variation to rises and drops. Chop and layer with your drums track…

It sounds like this

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